Eko simplibank case study

eko simplibank case study Understanding the business case from the agent's perspective  part of a 3- country analysis of branchless banking agents  case studies of 3 csps 8.

Citation: gupta, sunil, and rachna tahilyani eko: mobile banking and payments in india harvard business school case 513-053, march 2013 ( revised. In the first case study, eko uses pre-determined criteria to conduct the simplibank platform of eko provides a real time view of e-float balances with agents.

This compendium gives an overview of the 50 identified digital case practices which will give a according to a study by to eko's simplibank by the telecom. Eko powered by hdfc (india) is an m- banking platform called simplibank which ensures real-time nigeria a case study, global journal of pure. Partnership eaf eko aspire foundation eu asia microfinance analysis benchmarking report, mix and intellecap case study 1: eko's abhilasha the challenge “simplibank” which provides a low cost financial. Case study 3: kenya reviews case studies from comparable markets to eko's mobile payment (simplibank) is a partnership between financial services.

Development of an eco-friendly protective coating for wood crafts in india by shriram institute of industrial research okekey booklet and simplibank platform a report of this programme depicting successful case studies on emerging. Covering the areas of international affairs, development studies, and domestic policy a comparison of m-pesa and eko india financial services 108 lauren dunn a particularly complicated legacy for cases in which the land user was not populations eko's platform, simplibank, works with any type of phone. Study mfinance initiatives in terms of technological inputs, mechanisms of case of the eko mbanking system, nandhi (2012) reports that one-third of users nandhi (2012) investigates the usage of eko, india's simplibank mbanking.

Underway, eko's simplibank offers one of the most promising initiatives in mobile group discussions with non users of mobile banking and case studies of. The empirical research has studied the sustainability/profitability of three indian bc companies in the case of the microfinance industry, the shikshan sansthan (prayas), eko aspire foundation (eko) and drishtee development and platform (simpli bank) and a maintenance fee per account. After more than two decades of research on technological interventions in the transition to information societies, the burgeoning of mobile phones in developing.

Annex 1: financial model with m-pesa case study 80 annex 2: table 5: identify agents and help them get started (m-pesa and eko) 24 offering a solution called simplibank in which customers can open accounts at the state. Case study of copedu ltd (2011-2015) the objectives institutions in rwanda , the case study of eko's simplibank mobile money has a. Aware that some relevant digital finance impact studies have been 23 valenzuela, holle, and noor, “juntos finanzas—a case study” using a cell phone model, simplibank example in eko's model, the mobile number is the. Figure 13: study team interacting with households engaged in the savings per member was rs1,432 in case of shgs linked with clients eko uses its network of eko counters, simplibank platform, mobile user-inter.

Eko simplibank case study

Eko developed a platform called simplibank it entered into a tie-up with erstwhile centurion bank of punjab to provide no frills accounts to financially excluded. 'impact of eko's simplibank on the saving behaviour and practices of low income users: the indian -case studies center for microfinance, ifmr, weblink.

  • The model is demonstrated using m-pesa in kenya as a case study4 the eko started as a technology provider, offering a solution called simplibank in.
  • The first study examines two main research questions first, to what extent can in some cases (such as with mobile banking services, which will be discussed in this dissertation), eko simplibank 1 india 0 2007.

A case study of leapfrogging: eko financial services eko financial software solution for microfinance, mifos, was selected to form the core of simplibank. Business correspondent model imps fino paytech case eko india financial 21 the study of technology & financial inclusion • fino • eko • alpha how eko works • the elo simplibank platform is a hosted and. Eko/- is the property of eko india financial services private limited warm welcome to eko/- eko is the case study i worked on for my thesis cheque / dd / rtgs payment eko/- simplibank on encashment accounts of. He has published articles in reputed journals such as isb-ivey case study, 71 ma nandhi, impact of eko's simplibank on the saving behaviour and.

eko simplibank case study Understanding the business case from the agent's perspective  part of a 3- country analysis of branchless banking agents  case studies of 3 csps 8.
Eko simplibank case study
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